Grizzly Soccer Academy 

The Goalkeeping Academy is open to campers at the Advanced and Elite College Sessions of The Grizzly Soccer Academy.  It is run in conjunction with the Advanced and Elite Academies.  The current Griz Goalkeeping Coach, will oversee and run the Goalkeeping Academy. The Goalkeeping Academy will be staffed with current and past Griz goalkeepers as well as other collegiate goalkeeper coaches and collegiate goalkeepers.

The Academy will focus on the technical foundation needed to excel as a goalkeeper. Topics will also include specific conditioning and technique training along with tactical and psychological aspects of goalkeeping. Academy participants will be trained in a challenging, dynamic, rewarding and fun environment.

The Goalkeeping Academy is coordinated with the Advanced  Academy and Elite College Academy, making it easy for the goalkeepers to be involved and challenged in the daily games and training sessions with field players.

See Advanced Academy and Elite College Academy for more information.



Goalkeeping Academy